Music is a part of your everyday life, learn more about it!

Now interviewing for Spring Semester, April-June 2016!

Call 818-478-7891 or email Laura Cook – laura@heylomusic.com to schedule a complimentary visit to find out it we’re right for each other.

Are you too busy to drive your kids to lessons?  You’re in luck this year as I’m traveling to you!  Only need – you must have a piano!

Are you frustrated that there’s a need for more music education, everywhere, for everyone?  I’m doing whatever I can to put music into the lives of children and adults, 5 to 95, in Greater Los Angeles. I’m very committed to teaching music and to my students!

I’ve designed and implemented music classes, composed for film and have taught many individuals who have continued their music studies to the professional level, those that move on to other instruments, and most just love and appreciation music. All the new ways to learn, apps, digital work stations are so exciting!  It doesn’t matter if you’re the hobbyist or preparing for college entry, music is a part of everyday life, and I love teaching it!  Learn more about it!

Freelance Composer, Music Educator and Collaborator – Call Laura at 818.478.7891 Fill in the contact form below, and I will get back to you.  Thank You!


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