Policies 2017/2018

My Engagement

To teach the language of music.  I teach music with the purpose of passing on the knowledge and lingo of music.  I plan lessons to match your child’s learning pace and needs.  My greatest purpose for each student is that I teach in a way that they can eventually figure out things own their own.  Lessons are a holistic approach merging several facets.

Student & Family Responsibilities

Daily practice is necessary.  I want you to completely understand every assignment. Please ask questions. Please give practice time with no distractions and a nice quiet place so students can concentrate.  Following up after lessons with a progress report is something I’m incorporating into my responsibilities. Understand this takes time, and I think it’s essential.  Weekly lessons are very important, too many breaks in lessons or practicing creates frustration for the student, parent and teacher.

On the off-chance that something is occurring at home or school that is influencing your child or family please tell me. It would be ideal if you fall in favor of telling me so I will be delicate to the needs of your child.  Even a quick text before the lesson can have an effect on an extraordinary lesson and a troublesome one.

All students are encouraged to play at recitals we have each year in Fall and Spring. In addition to their private lessons, each student is encouraged to attend performance opportunities that may be set up at various areas in the community.  Students must have an acoustic piano at home, or an acceptable 88 key weighted keyboard.  Acoustic pianos do things that keyboards cannot, they’re special, create overtones and takes a different technique. Please talk to me about this if you have questions.

Group Workshops

Will be scheduled from time to time to practice performance techniques with all students to participate.

Summer Lessons

Are available for 4-6 weeks during mid-June and July.  It’s a great time to progress and schedule extra lessons too.  Related summer music workshops/projects may be scheduled during this time too.

Cancellation Policy

Attempt to pick a lesson time in which you feel certain. The educational cost you pay holds a week by week time in my calendar for you or your child. I can’t exchange that time or be able to make extra time to give lessons.

  • Any lesson that I have to cancel, more than one week, will be made up or a credit will be given.
  • If a student misses a lesson, they will simply miss the benefit of that lesson.  No payment credit or makeup lessons will be provided for students who miss lessons for any reason.


Photo and Video Release Form

On occasion I will use photos and short videos of my students on my website, Instagram, Facebook, Google+ and YouTube. These features and presentations are useful for educators and inspirational. In the event that you don’t want your child’s image(s) used, please let me know. All in all, the students enjoy seeing their photos/videos featured on my site or instructing page.  It’s validating and energizing that others want to comprehend what they are realizing. The student’s known just by first name or no name.

Request a hard copy of the policies for your records.


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