,Music is a part of your everyday life, learn more about it!

Now interviewing for 2017-2018

Call Laura at (925) 392-3155 in the Brentwood, CA area (94513), or email Laura Cook – laura@heylomusic.com to schedule a complimentary visit to find out if we’re right for each other.

 I’m doing whatever I can to put music into the lives of children and adults, 3 to 103.  I’m very committed to teaching music and to my students!

I design and implement music classes, compose for film and teach many individuals with varying goals, from those who continue their music studies to the professional level, those that move on to other instruments, and to those who simply want to foster a love and appreciation for music.  It doesn’t matter if you’re the hobbyist or preparing for college entry, music is a part of everyday life, and I love teaching it!  I’m piloting a new pre-school piano program designed for ages 3-5  preparing them for individual piano and music lessons in the future.

Music:  A Part Of Life!

Freelance Composer, Music Educator and Collaborator – Please fill in the contact form below, and I will get back to you.  Thank You!


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