Andre C.“Great Teacher! I decided to pick up the piano a little late in life. As an adult learner, with a very busy schedule, Laura has worked with me and my schedule and is very understanding……especially when life gets in the way. She has tailored my lessons based on my wants and needs. Laura is patient and conducts the lessons in a low stress environment.  She has an amazing knowledge base of music/music theory and finds different ways to explain things so it builds on what you have learned in the past. I have also had the opportunity to sit in on some of her lessons with children. She knows how to keep them positive, relaxed, and focused all while learning music. You can tell she loves music and loves teaching. Thanks Laura!”

Elyse W.“Both an accomplished pianist and composer Laura is also a very kind and personable teacher that students of every age and ability would appreciate. Laura was my piano instructor for the three years prior to my attending college where I majored in music. I am very grateful for the time I spent studying with Laura as I was well prepared for college auditions and the many challenges of pursuing music. Prior to meeting Laura I had been playing piano for ten years but had only taken part in a few recitals and concerts and had played little of the standard repertoire. Thankfully Laura introduced me to classical masterpieces such as Chopin’s Nocturnes and Bach’s Inventions and provided many opportunities, such as community events and adjudicated performances, to present all the music I learned with her skillful guidance. Many of the composers that Laura introduced to me remain my favorites today including Brahms, Ravel and Rachmaninoff.”

Oxana F. “After changing several piano teachers for my 5 daughter, I finally found THE ONE. Laura is an incredible talented piano teacher who prepared my 6 yr old daughter for American Protege International Piano and Strings Competition 2015 . Thanks to Laura my daughter is going to perform in Carnegie Hall on Thanksgiving weekend as a finalist. I am as a mother love Laura’s methods. There is no stress in class or at home. It’s all fun experience. She is like a grandmother figure for my daughter who teaches the lesson to make sure my daughter is moving forward and learning new music and they always have time to have a little fun. Laura encourages my daughter to try to compose which is another great way to keep my little one focus on what she likes to do. Before Laura my daughter had a piano teacher who is a head of Piano department at a  very well known institution (don’t want to say the name), who was too cold, too dry to compliment my child for her hard work. After only couple of classes I got the feeling that my daughter is scared of her teacher. Because of her my daughter didn’t want to play piano at all even though she could spend hours at the instrument, we had to drop that school. I want my daughter to enjoy every moment while she’s with her teacher and to be very excited to go to the instrument and practice and be very happy to see her teacher again. That is exactly that kind of relationship she has with Laura. No matter how talented our kids are it takes lots of practice  with a good coach and support. No one was born a great tennis, football player, ice skater, dancer, singer… Music is just like a new language, it takes time. A good piano teacher is just like a good doctor, you follow them.”

Elaine C.“Laura was my son’s piano teacher from kindergarten to fourth grade. Laura helped him develop not only piano skills but also a love for piano and MUSIC that serves him every day. He plays many instruments now and always comes back to the piano. He was able to participate in festivals, recitals and other events with Laura that are now special memories for us all. I highly recommend Laura because of her education, skill & expertise as a musician and because she is an excellent teacher. She is comfortable teaching all ages and abilities and excels at connecting with each individual learner.”

Sean B.“Laura has been a fantastic teacher for our 4 year old. She has the perfect temperament and attitude for teaching younger students. Like many 4 year olds, ours is a bit light on patience, but she has enough for the both of them, and has an excellent approach that allows for his own exploration. Also, I personally enjoy watching the musical approach that she uses. It’s different than what I learned as a child but find it very appealing to our son. Highly recommended!”

Dianne S.“I have known Laura for over 14 years.  Laura is a very talented & creative musician and an effective and inspiring teacher.  I hired Laura several years ago to teach my young children how to play piano, read music and pursue numbers creative directions with their music.  Thank you Laura for your relaxed, but focused, teaching methods!”

Erlend P. – “Laura did an amazing job with the score for my short film. She was patient and understanding despite my complete lack of musical vocabulary and feedback and general communication was great. Most importantly: The music was great!”  Erlend Palm, Norway

Nancy F.“I hired Laura as a freelance film composer after listening to her examples on her website.  I was particularly impressed by her ability to compose exactly what I had in mind for a short movie project with a tight deadline.  She was open to my suggestions, and conveyed the emotional content of the theme I was searching for.  I appreciate her openness to communicate about the story, the characters, and bringing a level of high musical expertise, without using musical terms.  Any film maker would be lucky to have Laura create an original score for their next project.”

Lovett W. – London, GB”Laura delivered way beyond our expectations. She not only drafted an incredible arrangement for us, she really went the extra mile to ensure we had exactly what we needed to rehearse and perform the music. I highly recommend this exceedingly talented professional. Thank you Laura for a sterling job.”

Peter L. – Canterbury, GB”Laura has been fantastic at every step of the process and delivered far beyond expected – very pleased!”  Take down and arrangement of original songs for his Grandfather.

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