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How to choose a piano teacher for your child –

My advice for the most part is, use your intuition.

You’ve seen your child grow and act around certain adults; they dwindle around some and others they expand and light up! You’re looking for the best teacher for your child, not someone else’s. Your intuition will give you more information than any bio, resume or referral.

Here’s some guidance:

The most necessary thing is a natural fit between your child and the teacher. Set up a meeting between your child and a prospective teacher, not only to let you know if they’re ready for piano lessons, there will be a great fit between student, teacher and parents. Let your child ask and answer questions, and try not to respond too much. I was four years old when I began studying and I was so shy I remember just shaking my head yes or no and playing a few things she told me to. I REALLY wanted piano lessons! I was lucky Mrs. McCabe said “Yes!”

Look for things like:
• Does the teacher make eye contact with your child?
• Really listen to what your child is saying?
• Have a sense of humor, laughter and playfulness?

Then after the meeting, ask your child a few questions:
• How did you feel when you were learning from her/him?
• Was there anything she did that made you feel uncomfortable or puzzled?
• Would you like to see her/him again?

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