Questions I’m often asked:

Q:  Are music (piano) lessons fun?

A:  Yes, if you have a daily practice schedule and make personal strides!  Practice = Progress – Here’s a great article:


Please talk to your children about music practice. It’s a good thing! There’s really no substitute for progress in music. Is it fun? When you reach personal goals, and improve, yes it is!

Our children can learn how to have grit, motivation, problem-solving, flexibility, and character during and…
Q: Does my child have to sign up for the full season?
A: Yes.  If you need to stop during the year please give me some notice so I can fill that spot.  Your monthly payments are holding a specific time and day for 11-12 months out of the year.
Q: Do you provide make-up lessons?
A:  Not usually.  At the end of the year, in July, there may be some time for a make-up lesson.  Talk to me early if you know of a lesson you have to miss.  I can’t drop someone into your spot, this is your day and time reserved especially for you. If your child or family has the flu, please cancel the lesson.
Q: Can I take lessons during the summer?
A: Yes!  And I encourage it!  Those who schedule 4-6 summer lessons have priority Fall scheduling.
Q: If I can’t take summer lessons, how do I hold my spot for Fall?
A: I will ask for a $100 deposit by the 10th of July to hold a space for you beginning in Fall.
Q: Am I required to play in a recital?
A: Yes, at least one recital throughout the year.  I hope you play more!  It’s great to share with others.  It’s a presentation, a time to share what you’ve practiced throughout the year.  All students are at different levels, and we all appreciate the efforts involved and how much we grow! We want each other to succeed!  Competitors are required to play at every recital.
Q: Do you participate in competitions and advanced music testing?
A:  Yes, this is available for those who are pursuing specific goals with their piano skills such as college entry extra curricular credits and achievement as well as college audition preparation for a career in the music industry.

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