Parents Guide to Music Practice

As music teachers, we try to make it fun, we want to help you realize that music takes practice and practice makes progress. The reality, it’s not all fun, like most people think about something fun anyway. Taking music lessons is an opportunity. Developing skills and mindsets that will last a life-time. Think about these traits…

  • Patience to persist
    • Even when it’s hard, even when it’s boring
  • Delayed gratification
    • The right kind of practice pays off
    • Create personal goals
  • True grit and inquisitiveness
    • Solve a problem

Learning a musical instrument could be the key to learning those skills.

The Purpose of Practicing

I would like to suggest that the purpose of practicing is to develop an independent musician. If practicing is approached conscientiously, your child will learn how to teach themselves in a systematic way. Consider yourself a temporary, but essential, part of the process.

How to Know What to Practice

When your child comes home from their lesson, you should have three questions for them:

  • “What did the teacher say you needed to work on?” (Start simple. Usually this involves an assignment.)
  • “Did the teacher tell you anything that you should do to make a better sound, warm-ups for technique?” Getting a good sound is not only a good motivator for your child, but it has rewards for you as a parent as well.)
  • “How good does the teacher want your pieces to be for next week?” (There might not always be a clear answer to this one, but sometimes there is.)

If your child is unsure or evasive, email (or text) the teacher ( Don’t let any of these questions go unanswered for the entire week.

Here’s a great link to ‘The Music Parents’ Guide’. Tony is a top notch music educator! The above are some excerpts that are just too great not to share as they are. The full guest post by John Skelton is here:

Parents Music Guide – Practicing

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